3 Steps To Take To Transform Your Patio Or Deck Into An Outdoor Room

27 June 2017
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Outdoor living is an important part of the Australian lifestyle. The concept of creating an outdoor room is a reflection of the desire to have a practical, comfortable and attractive outdoor space to spend time in. Creating an outdoor room in your home doesn't have to entail large-scale construction and a huge financial output. By following these three simple steps, you can create a wonderful outdoor room on your existing patio and deck. Read More 

Why your kitchen needs glass splashbacks

21 March 2017
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Out of the wide range that's available for installation in kitchens, including wood, granite, tiles, veneer, marble, quartz, and so on, glass splashbacks have emerged as the most popular type of splashbacks. In fact, modern homes are conspicuously characterized by glass splashbacks. If you are still wondering what's the current craze behind glass splashbacks, read on to find out. Unparalleled beauty  The distinct beauty associated with glass splashbacks is one of the key reasons why they are so popular among homeowners. Read More