Why your kitchen needs glass splashbacks

21 March 2017
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Out of the wide range that's available for installation in kitchens, including wood, granite, tiles, veneer, marble, quartz, and so on, glass splashbacks have emerged as the most popular type of splashbacks. In fact, modern homes are conspicuously characterized by glass splashbacks. If you are still wondering what's the current craze behind glass splashbacks, read on to find out.

Unparalleled beauty 

The distinct beauty associated with glass splashbacks is one of the key reasons why they are so popular among homeowners. Glass has a unique characteristic of allowing light to reflect and bounce off it, creating an amazing coloured illumination which occupies the entire splashback. As a result, glass splashbacks highlight a sense of light and colour in your kitchen, which creates a sense of warmth. Based on your individual taste, you can either choose subtle or bold shades to remarkably enhance the design and appearance of your kitchen space.


Hygiene is another reason why glass splashbacks are popular among homeowners. In contrast to other splashback materials, glass isn't pitted nor textured. Basically, glass splashbacks are carved from a solitary sheet of moulded and preformed glass which minimises the number of areas in which bacteria may hide. Veneer and wood splashbacks peel and disintegrate, while granite splashbacks are porous, and this allows bacteria to penetrate and survive therein, creating a health risk to homeowners. 

No staining 

Glass hardly stains. Be it sauces, curry, vinegar, beetroot or lemon juice, these cannot inflict any threat to your glass worktops and splashbacks. Moreover, glass is easy to wipe or clean. The stains accumulated when chopping, cutting and cooking in the kitchen can be easily removed with a simple dishwashing solution and a wipe. That explains why glass splashbacks are found in many modern homes where individuals are often busy and don't have the time for routine cleaning and maintenance of their kitchen space. 


The common assumption is that glass is feeble and delicate. However, glass splashbacks are not as delicate as they might look on the naked eye. Bear in mind that splashbacks for kitchen use are designed from toughened glass. Consequently, they can withstand all manner of pressure exerted on them by cooking appliances, utensils, chopping, kneading, cutting and other tasks that happen in the kitchen without breaking. 

With all these advantages, there's no reason why you shouldn't take the bold step and update your kitchen space with glass splashbacks.