3 Steps To Take To Transform Your Patio Or Deck Into An Outdoor Room

27 June 2017
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Outdoor living is an important part of the Australian lifestyle. The concept of creating an outdoor room is a reflection of the desire to have a practical, comfortable and attractive outdoor space to spend time in. Creating an outdoor room in your home doesn't have to entail large-scale construction and a huge financial output. By following these three simple steps, you can create a wonderful outdoor room on your existing patio and deck.

1. Install outdoor blinds

One of the key features of a successful outdoor room is making it an all-season space that can be enjoyed on the hottest summer days or on a cold, blustery winter's day. Installing high-quality outdoor blinds is an excellent way to achieve this. Outdoor blinds can enclose the space, providing shade from the sun and shelter from cold winds and rain.

Outdoor blinds are a great option because they can help to enclose the space as needed but can also be easily opened as required. They're also ideal if you're in a densely populated area with close neighbours and wish to create some privacy for your outdoor living space.

2. Add the right furniture

If you want to create an outdoor room that provides the same comfort as an indoor room, then you'll need to ensure that you add the right pieces of furniture. Instead of hard and functional seating, opt for a comfortable lounge setting that's specifically designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor lounge settings offer cushioned seats and a soft place to recline, which helps to create the feel of an additional room instead of simply an outdoor area. However, the materials are made of hardier materials than indoor furniture, so they are resistant to damage from moisture such as mould and mildew.

3. Choose ambient lighting

Choosing the right lighting is another key to creating a warm and inviting feel to your outdoor room. Many decks and patios have fluorescent strip lights or spot lights which may successfully light the space but do little to enhance the ambiance.

Modern outdoor lighting provides a variety of different styles to illuminate your outdoor room. You can choose subtle downlights which fit into the ceiling line of the space or something with more impact, like a decadent chandelier that's designed for outdoor use.

A successful outdoor room combines the comforts of an indoor room with the enjoyment of spending time in the fresh air. These three simple additions will help to combine these two ideas and create an attractive and comfortable outdoor living space in your home.