3 Must-Know Facts About Commercial Balcony Shutters

23 July 2020
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Exposed commercial balconies lack privacy and let in outside noise. Also, commercial buildings without shutters can suffer an increased exposure to the elements, including wind, storms, heat, and rain. Installing shutters can remedy these issues while maximising a balcony's outdoor space. With different shutter types available in the market, you need to do your research to get the right fit for your commercial balcony. This article offers some must-know facts about commercial balcony shutters.

Benefits of Balcony Shutters -- Installing a shutter on the balcony of a commercial building has various benefits. First, shutters regulate the light that gets into a building. Through the perforated slats, you can control the light that gets into the interior space as you wish. Another benefit of balcony shutters is the protection of the interior of a building against harsh weather conditions. Shutters minimise the heat that enters and leaves a building in what is referred to as thermal transfer. As a result, balcony shutters can help in reducing heating and air conditioning costs in a commercial property. Shutters also prevent drafts during cold winter months. Besides, balcony shutters can act as a barrier against violent winds or storms. Since most regions in Australia are susceptible to bushfires, installing fire-rated shutters can aid in protecting a building from catching fire. Consequently, such shutters can save property owners from incurring millions in losses, especially during the outbreak of external fires.  

Shutter Control System -- With the advancement in technology, shutter systems are designed with ease of use and convenience in mind. Therefore, choose a roller shutter that offers convenience of operation. A balcony should have a motor drive to raise and lower the shutters with the touch of a button. Furthermore, a balcony shutter control system should support integration with a smart home system, which means that the shutter can be controlled via a smartphone from anywhere across the world. Other common shutter control systems that you can opt for include radio systems, manual control using a cord, and a motor control unit.

Consider Aluminium Shutters -- Aluminium is one of the most widely used materials for designing roller shutters for commercial buildings. Aluminium is lightweight and, thus, easy to install even in a skyscraper. Also, aluminium shutters are easy to maintain and are resistant to the harsh Australian weather, giving you a longer lifespan compared to some other shutter materials. Besides, aluminium shutters are aesthetically pleasing and can complement other features of a balcony.

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