Curtains: The Various Options You Could Consider

20 December 2016
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Curtains tend to be one aspect of interior design that is often overlooked by homeowners. This is because some people assume all you need to do is pick the right colour scheme to match your home and hang them up! The truth of the matter is that there is much more that goes into your selection of your curtains. Not only do they come in a multitude of fabrics but they also come in an array of finishes, mode of installation and more. A good place to start when making a selection of curtains would be by making a decision on the type of curtains that would best suit your preferences. Below are some of the various options of curtains that you could consider. 

Box pleated

These types of curtains are characterised by having a classic tailored look. As they drape down they create deep folds all through the entire length of the curtains. The box pleats will line up uniformly against each other, which creates a formal appearance. As such, box pleated curtains would be better suited to the formal rooms of your home such as the dining area, the lounge or a home office.

Case heading

These types of curtains are typically manufactured using lightweight materials such as net or lacing. The tailor will sew a casing at the top of the curtains and then leave each end open. This is where the curtain rod will be passed through. It should be noted that this case heading is usually a tight fit so you should only use a slim rod to hang these up. Case heading curtains should not be disturbed on a regular basis as they could become susceptible to ripping. As such, they are better suited for rooms that are used infrequently.


These types of curtains get their name from the rings that are installed at the header of the curtains. The eyelets function to facilitate the passing through of a curtain rod, rather than having to hang the curtains using hooks. Eyelet curtains are made from medium weight fabrics to ensure that they are neither too heavy nor too light to be hung up. They add a modern feel to the room, making them a suitable option for homeowners whose designs gravitate towards a contemporary touch. One thing to note about eyelet curtains is that you would have to install hooks to hold up the curtain rod, as they cannot be mounted on regular headboards.