Not-So-Obvious Precautions To Help You Easily Achieve A Flawless Paint Job When Painting Your Vinyl Exterior Shutters

27 June 2016
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Exterior vinyl shutters require proper maintenance for you to sustain an ideal aesthetic appeal. Painting your vinyl shutters is one of the important maintenance practices you should observe. Below are some not-so-obvious and yet essential painting tips for vinyl shutters to help you do the job right and achieve a flawless paint job.

Removing the Shutters

Removing your shutters from the wall is a good practice that will help you paint them easily. Remember to check the type of fastening used for the shutters. Some screws are replaceable whereas others are not. So make sure you have new screws for replacement if the ones used are not the replaceable type. Also, even for replaceable screws, you may want to buy a few new pieces, so that you can replace any screws that break or are extremely worn out.

Also, removing the shutters will enable you to inspect them for damages. So you will be able to repair any damaged shutter panels and, in some cases, replace broken panels. Also, removing the shutters will allow you to inspect what lies behind them. Sometimes bees and wasps nest behind the shutters and can attack you if you start painting shutters while they're still mounted on the wall.

Painting Technique

When painting your vinyl shutters, it's advisable that you apply one coat of primer at the bottom and cover up with two coats of paint for a perfect, flawless finish. Also, spray painting your vinyl shutters is better than painting with a brush because the spraying technique prevents formation of streaks, runs and drips. You can hire or purchase a paint spray equipment from a professional paint supplies provider.

Also, it's best to place your shutters flat on the floor as you paint them. The flat position allows the paint to flow and blend properly. Also, the paint runs and sags are less likely to occur because the shutters are not slanted.  

After Painting Care

After painting your vinyl shutters, don't place them under direct sunlight for drying. Direct sunlight dries up the surface coating faster, leaving the underlying layers still wet. As a result, your painted surface is likely to form bubbles that with time may trigger pilling.

You should give your painted vinyl shutters ample curing time for the paint to dry properly. Place your painted shutters under a shade or keep them indoors. Allow the shutters to dry up completely for a couple of days until the painted surface hardens. Proper curing of the painted shutters will prolong the lifespan of the paint.