Why Choose Bamboo Shutters?

12 April 2016
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When it comes to choosing shutters and blinds, bamboo is a material that can be easily overlooked.  However, bamboo is surprisingly versatile and can be used to create an interesting and attractive focal point in your interior design theme.  So why should you consider choosing bamboo for your window dressings?  Read on for a brief guide to bamboo shutters and blinds.

Styles of bamboo window dressings

Bamboo is available in a number of different forms enabling you to create a look to suit your interior décor theme.  For example, you could choose shutters made from traditional, straight cane bamboo material for a rustic look, or go for a more chic, manufactured, slatted finish if your design is more contemporary.  Rough-textured bamboo can give your room a really effective 'beach shack' feel, whilst larger, smooth split cane finishes help to create a tropical ambiance when teamed with hardwood furniture and African wall art.

There are many different kinds of bamboo, which come in different shades and thicknesses.  If you want your shutters to block out direct sunlight and keep your rooms cool in summer, choose a dark-coloured thick bamboo.  However, for a material that allows light in while at the same time affording you privacy, consider a thinner finish in a paler shade.

Bamboo shutters and blinds

The pros

Choosing bamboo has a number of advantages:

  • The wide range of bamboo finishes offers great versatility in both looks and functionality.  
  • Bamboo shutters and blinds offer very effective light and heat control for your rooms.  
  • Bamboo shutters and blinds can be purchased 'off-the-peg', or they can be produced to custom fit your windows.  
  • Bamboo provides a beautiful and affordable alternative to hardwood, which can be more expensive.  

The cons

Although bamboo does offer plenty of pluses, there are minuses to be considered too.

  • Bamboo is not generally as durable as plastic, faux wood or timber, and unless treated, it can be vulnerable to damage by damp, which is a consideration if you live in a humid climate.  
  • Bamboo is perfect for your interior design scheme if you want something with a completely natural finish, but painting it does not generally produce a good result and can affect the smooth operation of the blinds or shutters.  
  • Because bamboo is a natural product, it can be susceptible to attack from mould and mildew, which can damage the material.  For this reason, bamboo will need deep cleaning more often than synthetics.

In conclusion

Bamboo shutters or blinds can provide a very effective and stylish window dressing solution when you are planning your interior design scheme.  Have a browse around local specialist stores for ideas on what would suit your theme.