Fun Tips for New Fixtures for Your Retail Store

13 November 2015
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The fixtures you choose for your retail store are very important, as they not only display your merchandise but also help to set a tone and overall look for your store. They can draw in customers or make your store seem drab and outdated, which in turn might actually chase customers away. When you're ready to shop for new fixtures for your retail store, note a few fun tips to consider so you know you don't settle for more bland and dull fixtures.

1. Go industrial

For clothes that might appeal to a city crowd, choose industrial-style fixtures. This can include things like plumbing pipes used as shelf brackets or exposed wires on the wall, from which you hang certain displays. A faux brick wall can also seem very industrial and give your store an urban, chic look.

2. Try something old-fashioned

An old-fashioned look to a store can make it seem homey and inviting. You might choose solid wood shelves, carved wood signs with fancy lettering, or a Victorian theme to your decorations on the wall. Wood baskets can also make a store seem like a classic market, so try using these for grouping displays.

3. Look like anything but a store

A fun tip to try with your fixtures and décor is to make your store look like anything but a store. For example, you might have oversized plastic hangers and fixtures that look like something in a dollhouse, or have a movie theater theme to your store. Choose spinning spotlights such as you would see outside a movie theater and use red velvet rope to section off parts of the store for a fun touch.

3. Try high-tech

You can easily incorporate scrolling marquee signs into just about any part of your store for a high-tech look to your fixtures. LED lights can blink across certain racks or shelves to draw customers to that area of the store, or you might try shelves or racks that move on their own for even more visual appeal.

4. Use natural materials

Natural materials can make your retail store seem more inviting, so opt for real wood barrels for display groupings, wood racks and shelves, and lots of plants in your store. Try stacked stone for a wall display; you can use artificial stone for something lighter and to make it easier to drill holes for hanging racks. Avoid Lucite and plastics in your store to keep with the natural, earthy feeling.

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