Solid Wood Flooring: 3 Benefits That Perhaps Matter the Most

9 November 2015
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The floor is an essential feature of any home because it is the first point your feet will come into contact with when you step inside. Therefore, it is important to consider what type of flooring would be best for your home. The benefits that can be derived from solid timber flooring are almost limitless, but here are 3 crucial benefits that maybe matter most of all.


Truth be said, repairing or replacing floors is not something you would like to do on a frequent basis. While a lot of home owners are compelled to change their carpets after a few years because of stubborn stains or shabbiness caused by regular wear and tear, well-maintained solid wood floors will remain steadfast and durable for decades.

As other floors start to look weary, solid wood floors will still retain its natural beauty for many years ahead. Better still, the value of solid wood floors often increases over time; unlike vinyl floors and carpeting, solid wood floors can be refinished instead of being removed and replaced when it is time to give it an update.

Health benefits

Timber floors are organic, non-electromagnetic floors that tend to attract and harbor less dust, mold, pollen, animal fur, and allergens than other flooring types like carpets. Besides not accommodating unhygienic substances, solid wood floors are also free of those unpleasant odors left behind by pet droppings on carpets. In fact, the aroma of a well-manicured solid wood floor is quite enchanting and will make your home feel more welcoming.

Solid wood does not have grout lines, fibers or embroidery that can hold unhealthy stuff as is the case with carpets. Hence, solid wood floors will help alleviate cases of asthmatic attacks, allergic reactions and other respiratory problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

Aesthetic impact

Solid wood flooring has a rich, natural look that can add to the visual allure of your home interior immaculately. With solid wood, you don't have to be confined to a certain aesthetic design since they naturally come in different color palettes and patterns, with no single solid wood floor looking exactly like the other.

Several grades of solid lumber are available to choose from, and so you can easily find a solid wood floor that is ideal for the interiors of your home. Solid wood floors offer a great deal of superb finishes as well; you may go for the pre-finished, semi-finished or unfinished varieties of timber floors. If wood floors fall victim to a bit of scratching or denting after a couple of years, a bit of sanding, sealing and polishing can help restore its initial beauty.