Selecting stylish window treatments for your nursery

6 November 2015
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If you're expecting a baby, chances are you're preoccupied with creating the perfect nursery space. Not only should a nursery be a comfortable and inviting place for your newborn, there is a growing trend towards designing an uber-stylish space to suit the décor of your home. This helpful guide will assist you in selecting perfectly stylish window treatments for your nursery.


You're only limited by your imagination and budget when it comes to selecting a style for your nursery window treatments. Most parents-to-be prepare a nursery for their newborn, but a little forethought will ensure that you pick a window treatment that will grow with your child. Some kid-friendly yet stylish blinds that you might like to consider for your nursery include roman blinds, shutters, and roller blinds. Curtain panels are a budget-friendly window treatment solution, allowing you to update the style of the room quickly and easily in the future. Consult with your professional interior designer for personal advice on the perfect window treatment style for your nursery.


The colour and pattern you select for your nursery window treatments will depend on both your tastes and the gender of your baby. Whether or not you know the gender before the birth, choosing a neutral tone for your nursery window treatments is a frugal decision- this way, it won't date or need replacing as your child grows. On the other hand, if you opt for a cost-effective window treatment, a unique pattern or bold colour can be a fun way to inject some quirkiness and personality into your nursery space.


If you want a dramatic window finish, long, flowing curtains will give your nursery a striking appearance. If you do choose long curtains, however, ensure that the hardware is installed securely to prevent your child becoming tangled or pulling the curtains down once they're mobile. For an added precaution, tie the curtains up during the day with stylish ties. If you opt for a roman or roller blind, make sure that you measure the window frame so there are no gaps at the bottom or sides to let the summer sunshine in while your baby sleeps.


Most parents-to-be opt for blackout curtains or blinds in their nursery space, to ensure the baby has a dark room for daytime sleeps. This may be counter-intuitive, however- if your child becomes accustomed to sleeping only in darkness, they may find it difficult to sleep elsewhere. If you'd like your baby to get used to sleeping in the daylight, it's fine to install normal blinds or curtains, and leave them open slightly for your baby's day sleeps.

For professional assistance to select a perfectly stylish window treatment for your nursery, consult with your local interior designer for expert advice.